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Jeffree Star’s Snapchat Name

Jeffree Star’s Snapchat name is JeffreeDahmer

Check out the following video that discusses Star’s disagreement with Kat Von D.  Scroll down for Jeffree’s Snapchat username.

Seventeen reports that Jeffrey Lynn Steininger aka Jeffree Star, is no longer friends with Katherine von Drachenberg aka Kat Von D.  The two were first seen together back in 2011 on the show L.A. Ink.  Since then, they’ve both become very popular.  The former friends both have makeup lines that have made them beauty moguls.
According to PopSugar Kat Von D used Facebook to announce that she is disassociating herself from the singer and songwriter.  In the post, the tattoo artist explains that she can no longer make excuses for his behavior.  If there’s one thing we know about Steininger, it’s that he’ll definitely use Snapchat to respond.
Jeffree Star’s Snapchat name is JeffreeDahmer:
Jeffree Star Snapchat Name
Jeffree Star Snapchat Name

Kat Von D Jeffree Lipstick

The Mexico-native named a liquid lipstick after Steininger.  Her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is currently available in Jeffree hot pink.  In a Facebook post, she explains that she’ll be pulling the shade from her collection.


Kat Von D is responsible for most of Jeffree’s tattoos.  The tattoo on the singer’s foot was completed by Kat and featured on an episode of L.A. Ink.  It’s a portrait of the singer’s dog, Diva.


Kat explained that she’s done with the singer’s promotion of drug use, his racist behavior and his bullying.  She’s tired of biting her tongue and posted the following video, further explaining her decision.

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