What Is J Nicks Real Name?

Update – August 4, 2016

J Nicks’ real name is Joshua Nicks.  Tiarra’s baby daddy’s name is Brian Shaw.

Just like that, everyone’s favorite VH1 reality show guilty pleasure is done for the season.  If you watched the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta then you’re probably wondering what J Nicks’ real name is.  The DJ/rapper proves that recreating yourself is a major key to success.

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He changed his name from J-Nicks to Stuey Rock explaining that he used the same blueprint of the greats: Jay-Z and Diddy both have multiple names.  Before social media took over, Big Tigger was one of the only radio personalities people knew by face.  That was thanks to BET’s Rap City.  

What Is J Nicks Real Name?
What Is J Nicks Real Name?

J Nicks can also thank the network for making him more recognizable.  While Big Tigger hosted the show from 1998-2005, J Nicks hosted the show from 2005-2006.  Another factor he shares with Big tigger is his ability to actually rap.  The following video shows him and Future’s song “So Good.”

Ludacris proved that it was possible for a DJ to become a rapper and Nicks recreated Luda’s success.  He initially started rapping with a childhood friend but then began working on his solo career.  To do so, he decided to change his name to Stuey Rock.  The following video explains the transition: