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Is Wendy Williams Transgender?

WorldStarHipHop recently posted a video that showed Roland S. Martin’s appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. Wendy Joan Williams Hunter got dragged by social media after she made offensive comments about Jesse Williams, HBCUs and the NAACP.  No matter how offensive her comments may have been, she’s not transgender.  The New Jersey native was born a woman and is still a woman.

According to BET, she’s done it again.  Just when you thought she was done getting dragged the talk show host brings up the N-word.  She decided to bring up the word while discussing the Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift drama.

Is Wendy Williams Transgender?
Is Wendy Williams Transgender?

She compares the N-word to the B-word and social media wasn’t too happy about it.  The backlash wasn’t nearly as bad as the backlash she received after her comments about the NAACP.  But for her previous comments she most likely would have received a free pass for putting her foot in her mouth.

While her job is to share her opinion with the world, I think that she may want to leave certain topics alone.  Racial tension is on another level right now and the talk show host has made it clear that she’s disconnected from the African American community.

By Jason John

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