Is Tommy Chong Dead Or Alive?

Rolling Stone explains that Thomas B. Kin “Thomas” Chong has been battling cancer that recently reappeared after three years of remission.  The actor once played Leo on Fox’s The ’70s Show.  He’s been enjoying life despite having to go through chemotherapy.  The 78-year-old launched Chong’s Choice, a company that sells that highest quality cannabis products on the market.

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He once described himself as a former weed smoker who stopped using drugs by learning how to dance salsa.  According to Forbes the Canada native is staking his claim as an entrepreneur.  Him and his son, Paris, have been using their creativity to earn some serious cash.  If you’ve been reading recent rumors you’re probably asking yourself the following question: Is Tommy Chong dead or alive?
Is Tommy Chong Dead Or Alive?
Is Tommy Chong Dead Or Alive?
The actor and comedian is alive.  The article that was posted regarding his death was false.  Although he’s in recovery after his second bout with cancer he hasn’t passed away.  If there’s one person who’s happy he’s alive it’s his beautiful wife.

Shelby Chong

The cannabis enthusiast married Shelby Fiddis in 1975.  Similar to Thomas, Shelby’s a comedian and producer.  The California native is also an actress.  In 1980 she acted in Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie alongside her husband.  The following list includes her additional movies:
  • Nice Dreams – 1981
  • Things Are Tough All Over – 1982
  • Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers – 1984
  • Sandman – 1993