Is Lil Wayne Dead?

XXL reports that rapper Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. aka Lil Wayne is still in a feud with Bryan “Birdman” Williams aka Baby.  Carter is the founder of Young Money Entertainment, an imprint of Cash Money Records.  Despite their affiliation, Dwayne was recently seen sporting a hat with “F*** Cash Money” on it.

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According to BET Weezy’s $51 million lawsuit against the record label remains outstanding.  The situation is similar to Jay-Z and Damon Dash’s beef a decade ago.  On one hand, Shawn and Dwayne Carter would still be Shawn and Dwayne, on the block, if it wasn’t for Dame and Baby.  On the other hand, artists eventually outgrow their past and must evolve.  The debate doesn’t matter if the New Orleans native isn’t alive: Is Lil Wayne dead?
Is Lil Wayne Dead?
Is Lil Wayne Dead?
A false rumor holding that the rapper passed away after suffering his eight seizure circulated in July 2016.  The report explains that Weezy’s maid found him in his shower.  According to the story, the maid claims that Carter had a seizure 20 minutes before she found him.  The rumor is false.  The Hollygrove, Louisiana native is alive and well.
Lil Wayne Walks Off Stage
High Times reports that the emcee only performed four songs at a recent concert.  The news makes us wonder about Dwayne’s health.  Similar to Chad “Pimp C” Butler, Carter is known to drink syrup aka “lean.” At the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup in San Bernardino Carter took the stage after B.o.B.  Despite agreeing to perform for at least an hour, he walks off stage after 3 minutes:

Hillary Clinton Lil Wayne
Plagiarism has been on everyone’s mind since Melania Trump borrowed a few bars from First Lady Michelle Obama.  On July 28, 2016, during her DNC speech, Hillary Clinton borrowed a few lines from Carter: “When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.” TMZ asked him about her speech and he responded “I f***s with Hillary.”

Lil Wayne’s Net Worth
The hip-hop artist is currently worth $150 million.  In 2014 he made $23 million and last year he earned $15 million.