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Is Leslie Jones Transgender?

BET reports that comedian Leslie Jones is a rising star so the haters have been putting in overtime.  First, she was born a woman, is still a woman, and is not a transgender.  Second, she doesn’t need the fashion industry’s approval, as proven by how beautiful she looked at the Ghostbusters’ premiere.


According to Yahoo, the comedian ran into a problem when she was gearing up for the Ghostbusters press tour.  There we no designer willing to dress her for the movie’s Los Angeles red carpet premiere.  Designer Christian Siriano saved the day.  The comedian looked amazing:
Is Leslie Jones Transgender?
Is Leslie Jones Transgender?
Here’s the original tweet:


Leslie Jones Net Worth

The actress is currently worth $2.5 million.  Here’s how she accumulated her wealth:
  • Saturday Night Live
    • She was hired by SNL back in 2014 as a writer
    • After a few months she was added to the cast
  • Top Five
    • In 2014 she played Lisa in Chris Rock’s comedy film, Top Five
  • Trainwreck
    • In 2015 she appeared in the romantic comedy movie, Trainwreck
  • Masterminds
    • She plays a Detective in the upcoming heist comedy, Masterminds

Allstate Commercial

The comedian shows the world how she uses the Allstate Drivewise app in the following commercial.  The app enables her to maintain full control and it feels like pure power.

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