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Gilbert Arenas Snapchat Name

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Complex reports that former NBA basketball player, Gilbert Arenas aka “Agent Zero” spent an entire day aggravating Los Angeles Lakers Small Forward, Nick Young aka “Swaggy P.” According to Sporting News, the former NBA superstar hopped Nick’s fence an began throwing his toys his son’s scooter and kicking his toys.

Gilbert Arenas’ Snapchat username is NoChillGil
Gilbert Arenas Snapchat Username
Gilbert Arenas Snapchat Username

Agent Zero, whose current net worth is $135 million then brought up Swaggy P’s ex-girlfriend, Iggy Azalea.  Last week, “Hibachi” spoke on the incident via Instagram where he is a known troll.  His jokes are usually focused on Swaggy P but he actually blamed Azalea for the former couple’s relationship problems.

Iggy decided to dump Nick after she found out that he was cheating on her by watching security footage from the former couple’s home.  Agent Zero played Swaggy P’s attorney via Instagram.  He argued that Iggy left Young at home without any dog food.  How was he supposed to eat?

He then threw the book at Iggy, explaining to the Australian rapper that leaving a dog at home with nothing to eat is a crime in America.  The Snapchat video captured some unforgettable moments as seen in the video above.  At one point, the former NBA star jokes about killing Young’s baby mama, Keonna Green.

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