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Fetty Wap All Lives Matter Meme

First, it was Wendy Williams and then Mr. Trap Queen had to voice his opinion via social media.  XXL explains that rapper, Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, caught major heat for his “All lives matter” tweet.  The New Jersey hip-hop superstar stated, “My kids are Mixed…#AllLivesMatter.  He got roasted after he posted the message.

Alicia Garza , the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement recently explained the importance of living in a world where all lives matter.  So what’s wrong with all lives matter? The meme below does a great job of explain:
Fetty Wap All Live Matter Meme
Fetty Wap All Live Matter Meme

Under slavery, African American lives were considered a fraction of a human life.  The popular phrase “Black Lives Matter” proclaims the obvious yet there are some people that have not accepted that have not accepted the obvious.  The heartless killing of Alton Sterling is an instance of the police murdering a person considered disposable.

The rapper eventually apologized for his careless statements.  The damage was already done.  For a brief moment we put everything aside to inform the rapper that it was impossible for him to see things our way considering the fact that he has one eye.
Maxwell had glaucoma when he was six months old.

By Jason John

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