Farrah Gray, Method Man’s Wife Tameka Smith Picture

Hip Hop DX reports that rapper Method Man, whose real name is Clifford Smith, quit social media because of privacy concerns.  Farrah Gray posted a picture of Method Man and his wife on his website and the rapper asked him to remove it.  While we’re sorry that she had cancer, it’s about time that we welcome the rapper into the social media era.

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Kanye West had to learn a similar lesson.  The Chicago rapper has not put his hands on a cameraman since the transition.  According to Hot 97 Wendy Williams reported that his wife was battling breast cancer back in 2006.  “Johnny Blaze” was very upset and begged for his privacy.
Farrah Gray Method Man's Wife Tameka Smith Picture
Farrah Gray Method Man’s Wife Tameka Smith Picture

The sad truth is that the Wu Tang rapper has exposed a vulnerability.  this will make the media pay closer attention to him because it seems like he has something to hide.  Millions of people began using Snapchat because of the privacy concerns we had with other social media platforms.  The app doesn’t offer true privacy, nor does the world.

The rapper played Melvin Charles “Cheese” Wagstaff on the HBO series The Wire.  The show’s title refers to wiretapping and the surveillance that we’re constantly under.  Welcome to America Clifford Smith.