Was Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Arrested?

  • According to rumors Dwayne Johnson was arrested at his house
  • He was allegedly handed pills
  • The story claims that his neighbor incriminated him
  • The LAPD informed him that his celebrity status did not put him above the law

Comic Book reports that Dwayne Douglas Johnson aka The Rock, will be featured in the upcoming remake of Jumanji.  The actor will be joined by his Central Intelligence co-star, Kevin Hart.  The film has been described as a tribute to Robin Williams.  The movie is scheduled to be released in July 2017.

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According to Variety, the semi-retired wrestler’s comedy Ballers has been renewed for a third season at HBO.  The series was the network’s most successful comedy in the past six years.  The actor and producer is staying busy but was he recently arrested?
Dwayne The Rock Johnson Arrested
Dwayne The Rock Johnson Arrested
The Rock was not arrested.  The Dwayne Johnson jail rumor is absolutely false.  The website that posted the article is known for its fake stories.  If your friends are anything like mine it doesn’t take much to convince them that a rumor is true.  Remember, you can’t believe everything you read online.

The Rock’s Net Worth

The 44-year-old is currently worth $125 million.  According to Forbes, he was the top grossing actor of 2013.  He has paved the way.  John Cena’s net worth is currently $35 million.  We’re certain that he’ll follow in Johnson’s footsteps and focus on making more movies.