Did Kirk Franklin Have A Stroke?

If you watched the BET Awards you most likely noticed that something was different about Kirk Franklin.  The gospel singer has delivered unforgettable music for the past three decades but how’s his health?

Back in 1996, the singer was hospitalized after a fall into an orchestra pit backstage during a concert.  He suffered a head injury.  The fall left him with bruises on his brain but he didn’t have any scars or broken bones.
Chron reports that the gospel singer teamed up with the American Heart Association to use his music to reach out to African Americans about stroke and heart disease.  In 2010 he was named as one of the recipients of the American Stroke Association’s prestigious Power Award.
Many people believe the talented singer suffered a stroke a few years back but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence.  It’s hard to believe that there wouldn’t be any articles about the incident if it really did take place.

Did Kirk Franklin Have Plastic Surgery?

Kirk looks like he got a facelift.  The sad part is that he didn’t need one.  Leave the Botox alone people.
Did Kirk Franklin Have A Stroke?
Did Kirk Franklin Have A Stroke?

On a lighter note, we loved the singer’s contributions to Kanye’s album and who can forget Wanna Be Happy!?

By Jason John

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