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Bow Wow’s Dad, Alfonso Moss

BET reports that rapper Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss, was recently asked about who he plans to vote for: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  The little emcee is all grown up and not afraid to voice his opinion.  The Columbus, Ohio native said that he had no plans on voting.  The fan responded by reminding the rapper how important it was for Blacks to vote.

Shad responded by explaining that he is not all Black because of his father’s side of the family.  According to Bossip the talented actor explained that his ancestors weren’t out here struggling for civil rights.  He then shared an image of his dad, Alfonso Moss.

What Did Bow Wow Say To Omarion?

Omarion’s baby mama, Apryl Jones, recently explained that she’s not worried about Shad.  Omarion and Jones recently announced that they were breaking up and Shad responded to the situation with some advice for Omarion.  Shad and Omarion have been close friends for years.  Shad told Omarion to check his direct messages for some rebound action.  The low road, considering the fact that Omarion and Jones have two kids together.
Shad proves the negative impact of getting money, power and respect before you’re old enough to handle it.  Jermaine Dupri gave him the world before Shad had enough discipline to make the right decisions.  The money got to his head, and now he doesn’t know what to say out his mouth.  Here’s a throwback pic of Shad, Alfonso and Jermaine:

Bow Wow Dad Alfonso Moss
Bow Wow Dad Alfonso Moss

The following video shows a phone conversation between the father and son.

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