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Betty Idol Net Worth

Betty Idol’s net worth is $1.2 million.  She earned $100,000 for her first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  She’s been getting those publishing checks behind-the-scenes.  She recently released the song “Pluto.” She was once signed to Zone 4 and is currently signed to Universal as a songwriter.


Wetpaint explains that D. Smith is Betty’s best friend.  The Colombia and Black beauty obviously understands the importance of surrounding herself with the best of the best.  According to Starcasm, D. Smith is a Grammy-winning producer that is best known for some of Lil’ Wayne’s biggest hits.
Betty Idol Net Worth
Betty Idol Net Worth
The biracial bombshell recently teamed up with two other producers to create their own music company.  The following list provides everything you need to know about the future superstar:

  • She was supposed to go to performing arts school when she was younger but she never did
  • Her mother and grandmother were both singers
  • As a child, her mother would make her write a song before she was allowed to go out and play
  • She has never dated Lil’ Scrappy
  • She quit the show because they tried to force her to play along with the Lil’ Scrappy-relationship storyline
  • She teamed up with Soul Diggaz for the song “Elevator” the track topped the charts in Germany and Japan


Betty Idol’s ethnicity is often debated.  The talented singer is Colombian and African American.  That explains her beauty!

By Jason John

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