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August Alsina Snapchat Name

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Rap Up reports that August Anthony Alsina, Jr. visited Baton Rouge, Louisiana to reflect on race relations and promote change.  According to Power 105.1, he decided to head to the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement.  The singer was born and raised in New Orleans and met with Alton Sterling’s aunt during his visit.  He recently explained how confused he was about he recent violence and asked his followers numerous questions, including, “Do we do what they’re doing to us? Do we kill them?”

A question that he probably shouldn’t have asked considering the increasing number of police officers that have recently been shot and killed.  Along with voicing his opinion about police brutality, the singer recently used Snapchat to discuss his sexuality.  According to rumors, he revealed that he was gay on the photo sharing app.

August Alsina’s Snapchat name is ImJustAug:
August Alsina Snapchat Name
August Alsina Snapchat Name

August Alsina’s Brother

The 23-year-old has seen it all.  Last year, he shared a series of horrible text messages from his cousin.  The Def Jam singer’s older brother, Melvin LaBranch III, was shot and killed in 2010.  The horrific incident took place in New Orleans, three days before August’s 18th birthday.

August Alsina Cousin
August Alsina Cousin

August Alsina’s Daughter

Before his brother was killed he had three kids.  Alsina shares an image of one of them in the following Instagram post:

Here’s a video from the singer’s recent visit to Baton Rouge:

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