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What Is Scrapp Deleon’s Real Name?

If you watched the season finale of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta we’re sure you have tons of questions.  The most important: Who’s Tiarra’s baby daddy? Is it Scrapp or Stuey Rock aka J Nicks aka Brian Shaw? The father is J Nicks considering the fact that she is 13 weeks pregnant.  Scrapp when to jail before that so he can’t be the baby’s daddy.

Scrapp Deleon’s real name is William Cortez Robinson.  The rapper brought a tear to our eyes as we watched him receive his sentence on the show’s most recent episode.
What Is Scrapp DeLeon Real Name?
What Is Scrapp DeLeon Real Name?

The rapper will serve five years behind bars, the mandatory minimum for the crime he committed.  His mother, Karen King, was very emotional at the sentencing.  The episode reminds us to live our lives to the fullest.  The episode also teaches us to make smart decisions.

Scrapp mentions his brother, Dolla, during the episode.  It’s great to have someone you care about that you can look to in order to overcome difficult situations.  Although Dolla is gone, Scrapp remembers him and looks to him for strength.

VH1 reports that the rapper shaved his head for his mugshot.  We are guessing he decided to do so because he does not want to bring any attention to himself while he is behind bars.
According to Wet Paint, the Judge could have given the rapper 30 years in jail.  There is no amount of money that is worth your freedom.  The rapper will miss priceless moments with his family.  From what we have seen on the show, William is a great father.  Hopefully he’ll be able to maintain a good relationship with his children while he is behind bars.

By Jason John

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