What Does The Light Blue Ribbon Stand For?

What does the light blue ribbon stand for? There have been a variety of blue ribbons lately and this post will help you sort them all out.  The color is generally used as a symbol of drunk driving, child abuse and education.  The color has recently been used for different reasons.

What Does The Light Blue Ribbon Stand For?
What Does The Light Blue Ribbon Stand For?


If you were watching baseball you probably noticed the players wearing powder-blue ribbons.  The players wear them to commemorate prostate cancer research.  Every year, players across the league wear the ribbons and wristbands on Father’s Day to promote awareness.

Lane Graves

If you live in the Elkhorn area of Nebraska, you probably noticed numerous blue ribbons.  Lane Graves, the 2-year-old who was killed by an alligator, is the reason the neighborhood is holding a blue ribbon tribute.  
According to Us Weekly, members of the Ranch View Estates community have placed ribbons on mailboxes, doors and trees to show their support for the family.  In addition, community members have offered to babysit the Graves’ 4-year-old daughter, Ella, and they’ve coordinated a meal train.
Along with the initiatives mentioned above, the color has been worn to pay homage to the victims of hurricane Katrina and to symbolize anti-tobacco, specifically second-hand smoke.  The color symbolizes commitment, trust and dependability, making it perfect for all the initiatives it is currently being used for.