What Does Grave Condition Mean? Muhammad Ali

A recent NBC News article reports that Muhammad Ali is in grave condition in a Phoenix hospital.  If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering what grave condition means.

The phrase is used to describe someone in very bad condition.  It’s often used to describe a person in the worst possible health condition.  Typically, a medical team has done all they can when an individual is in this condition.  The person is generally close to passing away.
Mirror reports that the former boxer is on life support.  His family has been warned that the end is near.  With Prince recently passing away, it will be very difficult to lose yet another legendary figure.
His children are by his bedside as doctors attempt to do everything they can for the former heavyweight champion.  The 74-year-old has inspired us all to be champions and we hope he can pull through.  Here are some little-known facts about Muhammad Ali:
  • He began boxing after his bike was stolen.  He was 12-years-old and reported the theft to a police officer who happened to also be a boxing trainer.  The rest is history.
  • He was banned from boxing in 1967 for refusing to serve in the military for religious reasons.
  • He sold the gloves he used to defeat Sonny Liston for $836,000.  He earned $630,000 for the actual fight