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Is Deb Antney A Transgender?

People think that Deb Antney, Waka Flocka’s mother, was born a man.  That is absolutely not true.  She is not a man, she is a woman.

Is Deb Antney A Transgender?
Is Deb Antney A Transgender?

In a recent interview with VH1, Antney discusses D. Smith being the wrong person to represent the transgender community.  She explains that D. Smith is not real and only joined “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” to promote herself.
If you think Antney cares about people calling her a man you are sadly mistaken.  She has seen it all throughout her life and doesn’t have time for false rumors.  Waka Flocka’s mother decided not to get married because she witnessed numerous women in her family get beat.
Her father was a drug addict.  When she was 9-years-old she found some of his heroin and thought it was baby powder.  The drug absorbed into her system leading her to overdose.
Her father can be blamed for the recent rumors.  Instead of raising his daughter like a princess he raised her in the streets.  She would sit in his car, looking out for the cops while he robbed places.
She grew up on welfare making it difficult to focus on school.  Instead of giving up, she worked hard to become an acupuncturist.

By Jason John

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