How To See How Many Views On Instagram Video

One of the more popular Instagram changes enabled users to see the view count on their video posts.  The number of views is shown below your video.  If only it were that easy.  This is technology we’re talking about.

How To See How Many Views On Instagram Video
How To See How Many Views On Instagram Video
If you are experiencing difficulties seeing your view count, don’t panic.  It often takes some time for your view count to actually show up.  Close the app for five minutes and then re-open it.  My view count typically appears after I re-open the app.

If you don’t see your view count after you re-open the app, try uninstalling it from your phone and then re-installing it.  Remember, the view count you see only includes the number of views your video has received within the IG app.  The total view count does not include views you’ve received from other places like views from Instagram via desktop nor views from embedded post.
In additional IG news, Paris Hilton recently liked an image on the photo-sharing app! No big deal, right? Well it was pretty serious because the image was poking fun of Kim Kardashian.

Some of you may have forgotten that the two were even friends.  While Paris is no longer in the spotlight, Kim is currently one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world.

By Jason John

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