How Did Anton Yelchin Die?

There’s nothing sadder than covering death.  Live your life to the fullest because you might not be here tomorrow!

We are sad to report that actor, Anton Yelchin, has passed away in a bizarre car accident.  Variety reports that the actor was only 27-years-old.  On Sunday morning, the LAPD explained that he was pinned between his own vehicle at his home in Studio City.

how did anton yelchin die
How Did Anton Yelchin Die?
The LAPD does not suspect any foul play.  The actor has a steep driveway and he got out of his car with the engine running.  His friends found him pinned between his car and a brick mailbox pillar.  The actor’s friends decided to go to his house after he didn’t show up to a rehearsal.
The actor was best known for his portrayal of Pavel Chekov in the reboot series of Star Trek.  His acting career began in the 1990s when he appeared in Along Came A Spider.
TMZ reports that he is best known for his roles in Star Trek and Alpha Dog.  This sad news reminds us that time cannot be taken for granted.  Many of us make the mistake of living our lives as if we have unlimited time.  
Don’t take the your family and friends for granted.  It’s important for us to make spending time with our loved ones a priority.  Family time is sacred time that should be respected and protected.  
The most important time is family time!