Hakeem From Empire Father

Remember people you cannot believe everything you read on the internet.  The world wide web is filled with lies, myths and fairy tales! There’s a new death hoax everyday.  Despite the rumors, rapper Jay-Z is not Bryshere Y. Gray’s father.  Many of us were introduced to Gray thanks to the first season of the Empire TV show.

Gray never discusses his father.  On the contrary, the talented rapper never hesitates to mention his mother.  He has been seen with her on the red carpet and is currently saving his money to buy her a house.

Hakeem From Empire Father
Hakeem From Empire Father
Similar to Jay-Z, Bryshere has worked with Timbaland to create classic music.  The producer is responsible for the show’s amazing music.  Timbaland made an appearance on the show and performed with Hakeem.  
Hakeem and Timbo invaded Leviticus, Lucious’ club, interrupting a performance by Pitbull and Jamal.  The scene reminded us of Jay-Z’s song Takeover.  Although the track was produced by Kanye West, it represents the way Timbaland and Jay-Z took over the industry with hits like Big Pimpin.
Rolling Stone reports that Jay-Z and Timbaland recently won a sample trial for the song Big Pimpin.  An Egyptian composer is responsible for the flute hook on the track.  Timbaland sampled the song “Khosara, Khosara” by Baligh Hamdi.  The award-winning producer thought that the track was public domain.  The judge ultimately ruled in Timbaland and Jay-Z’s favor.

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