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D Smith And Betty Idol, Singer, Songwriter And Producer

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars D Smith and Betty Idol ensure that there’s never a dull moment! Let’s go through some of the unforgettable moments they’ve had this season.

D Smith And Betty Idol
D Smith And Betty Idol

The drama surrounding the two #LHHATL characters makes you forget that they’re both actually talented.  Idol recently announced that her new single, Pluto, will be available on iTunes on June 17, 2016.

Betty Idol Pluto
Betty Idol Pluto

When Bambi meets Idol and Smith at K. Michelle’s party, there is a high level of tension.  The shade gets thrown to say the least.  Smith attacks Tammy for something Waka said about transgenders.

In the following video Ariane and Idol speak about their meeting at the studio.  The two also discuss some of the confrontations Smith and Idol have had this season.

According to Wet Paint, D. and Tammy Rivera had a heated argument that led D. to bang on a podium in frustration.  Antney and Smith have disagreement about her contributions to the transgender community.

Who can forget D.’s impersonation of Waka Flocka’s mom, Deb Antney.  The Grammy-award-winning producer met up with Betty, Ariane and Mimi.  When she was asked about her meeting with Deb she dropped her voice Shaquille O’Neal-low to deliver an amazing impression of Waka’s mother.

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