Brittney Griner Child Support

Back in April, ESPN reported that WNBA star, Brittney Griner, was ordered to pay child support to her former lover, Glory Johnson.  Vibe reports that Griner was harassed with Happy Father’s Day tweets today.

Brittany Griner Child Support
Brittney Griner Child Support

The Twitter trolls didn’t take Father’s Day off.  Sadly, the jokes poke fun at her sexual orientation.  A judge recently ordered Griner to pay child support for the couple’s twins despite the fact that the basketball player does not have any biological connection to the twins.

It’s easy to forget that celebrities and athletes have feelings just like everyone else.  The hooper let her voice be heard and is now clapping back.  She sent the following tweet around 2 AM:

The easy solution seems to be ignoring the messages but a better solution may be a filter system.  Social media services may be forced to monitor all the messages sent over their respected platforms if users continue to send reckless messages.

Cyberbullying is defined as deliberate actions that are generally repeated.  The intent of the actions are to cause harm to another person.  Think twice before you send your next offensive message via social media.  The result could land you in prison.  What if the messages lead Griner to commit suicide?

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