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Autumn From Wags, Seyi Ajirotutu’s Wife

WAGS aka wives and girlfriends of sports stars, has been trending lately.  Last year, the show introduced us to Sasha Gates who is married to San Diego Chargers tight end, Antonio Gates.  Sasha was working on her career in the music industry and she had teamed up with Seyi Aijrotutu’s wife, Autumn, to create a children’s clothing line called Wittle Ones.

The NFL superstar is currently 29-years-old.  In the show’s most recent episode we saw the other side of Autumn.  The following video shows her and Sophia taking shots at each other:
Olivia is the only cast member that is single.  Her little sister is Sophia Pierson, who you may remember from the show’s most recent episode.  The premiere episode shows Sophia and Autumn at a party, meeting for the first time.  Autumn accused Sophia’s cousin, Natalie, of having a phony relationship with her boyfriend, NFL player, Shaun Phillips so Sophia decides to clap back by confronting Autumn.  The video above does a great job of telling the rest of the story.
Autumn From Wags, Seyi Ajirotutu's Wife
Autumn From Wags, Seyi Ajirotutu’s Wife

Father’s Day

It’s not all drama when it comes to these ladies! E News reports that WAGS stars Barbie Blank, Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates, took care of their men for Father’s Day.  Autumn created a dad photoshoot, dressing her twin daughters up in outfits daddy (Seyi) would wear.  She took pictures of the girls in each outfit and attached a special message to each image.  She recommends using the photos to create an office book or coffee table.

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