Who Is The Celebrity With The Injunction?

The Huffington Post reports that the American media is making a mockery of the United Kingdom’s system of justice.  In the past, tabloid editors have argued that there’s no public interest justification yet Labour campaigners disagree.

Who Is The Celebrity With The Injunction?
Who Is The Celebrity With The Injunction?
The most recent decision to impose an injunction on editors has angered tabloid bosses.  From 2009 to 2011 the super-injunction led to major debates about privacy and freedom of expression.  Gagging orders pose a threat to freedom and the country’s privacy laws must be reformed.
Daily Mail reports that a man who had a threesome with a married celebrity father could be jailed for telling the truth.  He’s been gagged yet Twitter and Facebook users continue to discuss the man’s name freely.

We should all be able to present our views freely.  There is nothing worst than being voiceless.  When we are unable to express ourselves we become uncomfortable and more stressed out.  Sharing the way we feel with the world can help us maintain healthy lives.  Our mental health benefits substantially from freely expressing ourselves.

Telegraph reports that there are numerous additional celebrities whose secrets could be exposed because of Helen Wood.
There have been numerous celebrities who have failed in their attempts to secure reporting injunctions after their secrets were exposed.
We can all learn a lesson from Hakeem Lyon:
Hakeem Lyon
Hakeem Lyon

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