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UPDATE: Who Fell On Empire? Anika V. Rhonda Round 2

**UPDATE: September 21, 2016**

If you watched the season 3 premiere episode of Empire then you saw that Rhonda fell! We couldn’t believe it!!

Rhonda Empire Fox Fall
Rhonda Empire Fox Fall

**UPDATE: July 18, 2016**

It looks like someone caught the Empire team filming and spotted Kaitlin Doubleday (Rhonda).  That means Anika fell!?

Who Fell On Empire?
Who Fell On Empire?

**UPDATE: July 13, 2016**
According to Unreality TV, Rhonda is the one who falls and loses her life.  Show-runner, Ilene Chaiken, confirmed that either Anika or Rhonda won’t be a series regular in the show’s third season and it’s looking like Kaitlin Doubleday will no longer be on the show.  Sorry Andre! 

Fans around the world asked themselves, “Does Empire come on today?” before remembering that last week’s episode was the season 2 finale.  Everyone I have spoken to is under the impression that Anika Calhoun is the one that falls off the ledge on the show.

When we met Boo Boo Kitty she was planning the rest of her life with Lucious.  Two short season later and we may never see her again.  I was just starting to believe that her and Cookie could maintain a relationship.  What if Cookie was somehow involved with Anika getting thrown over the ledge!?

Who Fell On Empire
Who Fell On Empire
We don’t see any of what Andre sees so just about anything could have happened.  Cookie’s heart was broken after Lucious decides to marry Anika in order to keep her from being able to testify against him.
While many people believe that Anika fell off the ledge on the show’s season finale, there are many reasons that it actually may be Rhonda.  These days, spoilers ruin television and networks are well aware.  To solve this problem many networks release false information about what will happen on a show.
Anika Rhonda Fight
Rhonda Anika Empire
The show profits off its surprise factor so we can’t be surprised if something completely different goes down.  Rhonda could be the one who dies on the show.  The character received a substantial amount of attention throughout the season with the stair incident and now her ongoing battle with Anika.  Do you think the show’s writers increased her screen-time because they knew she would soon be killed-off?
Falling = Dying?
Then there’s the fact that falling off a ledge doesn’t mean dying.  Check out this article which describes 10 people who have survived falls from extreme heights.  The individual who made the first spot on the list was a skydiver who fell 6000 feet without a parachute.  
He suffered a broken back, a cracked rib, bruised lung and several chipped teeth.  He said landing was like being hit by a speeding truck.
Grace and Kaitlin
Anika and Rhonda may disagree on the show but in reality Grace Gealey and Kaitlin Doubleday maintain a strong friendship.  The best part is the fact that they share the same man.  Well kind of: Rhonda Lyon is Andre’s ride or die whereas Grace Gealey is Trai Byers’ wife in real life.

The two also teamed up for the show’s collaboration with CoverGirl.  How will one of them falling off the ledge impact the CoverGirl commercials and advertisements!? Will the one who dies just stop showing up in the ads?

Empire Fox CoverGirl
Empire Fox CoverGirl

I think the show’s writers think that we like watching people die.  The truth is, we fell in love with the show for different reasons.  The show’s amazing music and Cookie’s unforgettable one-liners in what did it for me.

Check out our 10 favorite Grace Kaitlin moments:

10. Kaitlin + Grace + Dubsmash I

#breadmakesyoufat – @kaitlindday 🍞❤️
A video posted by Grace Gealey (@gracegealey) on Mar 31, 2015 at 8:28pm PDT

9. Funny selfies with Trai aka Andre

A photo posted by Kaitlin Doubleday (@kaitlindday) on Mar 18, 2015 at 8:34pm PDT
8. Last shots with Trai.

Cheers to the last shot! Thank you Season 2 Empire! See you all on March 30th❤️ (That was a rough shot) #Repost @kaitlindday with @repostapp. ・・・ Cheers to the very last shot of season 2 people!!!! We made it! 🍸
A video posted by Grace Gealey (@gracegealey) on Mar 3, 2016 at 11:25pm PST

7. When they team up with Cookie for selfies.

A photo posted by Kaitlin Doubleday (@kaitlindday) on Mar 11, 2015 at 9:00pm PDT
6. Kaitlin and Grace set the standards when it comes to selfies.

My bebe @gracegealey and I at the @cushnieetochs fashion show before the big premiere tomorrow! Can’t wait! #NYFW
A photo posted by Kaitlin Doubleday (@kaitlindday) on Sep 11, 2015 at 1:52pm PDT

5. Kaitlin + Grace + Dubsmash II

4. When they #slay the #RedCarpet

3. In the words of Jamal Lyon…”You’re so beautiful!”

Less than a month to go #EmpireSeason2
A photo posted by Kaitlin Doubleday (@kaitlindday) on Aug 24, 2015 at 8:50am PDT
2. We can’t get enough of their selfies.

A photo posted by Grace Gealey (@gracegealey) on Mar 11, 2015 at 7:39pm PDT
1. Kaitlin + Grace + Dubsmash III

@gracegealey and I are missing the @empirefox premiere cause we are on set…and this is how we feel
A video posted by Kaitlin Doubleday (@kaitlindday) on Sep 23, 2015 at 6:18pm PDT
Empire’s Season 2 finale was amazing to say the least.  From Lucious’ troubled childhood to him and Anika getting married, there wasn’t a dull moment.  We’ll go through each character in this recap.
How could we recap the episode without discussing who fell off the ledge!? But first, let’s discuss Lucious and Anika finally getting married.  The Wall Street Journal explains that the Lyon family’s wedding turned disastrous in the show’s Past Is Prologue episode.
Lucious Proposes To Anika Empire Season 1
Lucious Proposes To Anika Empire Season 1
Just when we thought we were gonna see Hakeem and Laura get married things get out of hand.  TV Line explains that Anika gets served with a subpoena to testify against Dwight Lucious.  Boo Boo Kitty is actually served by a server who sprints out of the ceremony after delivering the documents.
As the waitress sprints out, Shyne (Xzibit) decides to punch someone in the face.  Laura witnesses everything and decides that she doesn’t want to be a Lyon.  Hakeem is devastated.
The Lyon family must now figure out how to handle the Feds who are after Lucious again.  Lucious has been spending a substantial amount of time with Thirsty Rawlings.  As a result, he is starting to think like a lawyer: The music mogul decides to marry Anika so she won’t have to testify against him.  
Cookie is very upset yet Lucious believes that this is his only choice.  Lucious and Anika have the most awkward wedding ever! As the two are walking out, Lucious tells Anika that he knows she pushed Rhonda.
Who Fell On Empire?
Who Fell On Empire?
Anika excuses herself to get some fresh air.  She’s near a ledge and I thought she was gonna jump.  All of a sudden, Rhonda reappears and the two start Round 2 of their boxing match.
Who Fell On Empire?
Who Fell On Empire?

The fight isn’t as good as Anika v. Cookie but it was definitely intense.  Rhonda punches her in the face and shoves her head against a post.  She says that Anika wanted her child to be the only heir and Anika responds, “Damn right!” 
Although we’ve known that Anika was the one who pushed Rhonda, this is the first time that she has confessed.  Andre comes out and screams, “No!” Someone falls off the ledge but the camera was focused on Andre so we only get to hear their final scream.
Who Fell On Empire?
Who Fell On Empire?
Who do you think fell off the balcony? The following section will analyze both characters.  We’ll share who we think went tumbling down and would love for you to share your thoughts i the comments section below.

Lee Daniels wouldn’t kill two babies in one season, would he? We’re just getting over Rhonda and Andre’s baby dying and we need a Lil’ Lyon on the show.  We are still waiting for Lola to return!
Lola’s mother, Olivia, was played by Raven Symone.  We fell in love with Symone on The Cosby Show where her character’s name was also Olivia.  If the show kills off another little one they’ll miss out on an opportunity to introduce a young character who can grow with the show, similar to the way that Symone grew with The Cosby Show.

Rhonda and Andre are the only two characters on the show who are married with a somewhat normal relationship.  Before they were killing people and digging up their bodies, they were using bibs and looking to takeover the company.
If the show kills off Rhonda Lyon, Andre will be devastated.  First he loses a baby and now his wife!? Moreover, Rhonda is a major part of Andre’s life and without her his storyline would be boring, considering he can’t sing or rap.
While, the show could benefit from a Lil’ Lyon they could always just bring back Lola.  Moreover, Fox’s hip-hop drama series shattered records in its first season without a baby Lyon.  Rhonda and Andre have a solid relationship whereas no one wants Boo Boo Kitty.  We think Anika went tumbling over that ledge.  Do you agree? Please take the following poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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