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Taraji P Henson Drugs Response On Jimmy Fallon

The actress that plays Cookie Lyon is known for keeping it real.  That’s why we can’t wait to read her memoir, Around The Way Girl.  We always get to see her keep it real as Cookie Lyon but we don’t get to see enough of her real personality.

Taraji P. Henson Jimmy Fallon
Taraji P. Henson Jimmy Fallon

The talented actress does a substantial amount of press so I guess we’re being greedy.  We witnessed her keep it real on Twitter at the Super Bowl.  After confusing Coldplay for Maroon 5, Taraji P. Henson posted the following tweet:

While some celebrities would bite their tongue in fear of losing fans, Cookie can care less! Apologize and then let the world know that you can care less.  We all make mistakes.

Jimmy Fallon
Cookie and Jimmy Fallon have developed a close bond over the years.  On one of her countless appearances on his show, the two play “Fast Family Feud.” The first question: Name something in your house you hid when guests come over.  Without hesitation, Cookie answers, “THE DRUGS!”

Henson, aka Cookie, had flashback of those days she worked for Frank Gathers.  With hating at an all time high, Cookie can no longer keep it real.  After being hospitalized for exhaustion, tabloids suggested that she was actually on drugs.  Haters gonna hate!

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