Richard Pryor Chevy Chase Johnny Carson

On May 4, 1977, Richard Pryor appeared on the Tonight Show with Chevy Chase.  Salon explains that Pryor didn’t like appearing on talk shows because there was always a point in the interview when the host would ask a question like, “Isn’t America wonderful, Richard?”
Richard Pryor Chevy Chase Johnny Carson
Richard Pryor Chevy Chase Johnny Carson
The two appeared on the show in order to promote their TV specials which would both air on NBC the following night.  The video below shows Carson acting the fool.  Once Pryor gets on stage, Chevy interrupts him multiple times and leans over into Richard’s frame.
Lee Daniels Exits Richard Pryor Biopic
According to Hollywood Reporter, Lee Daniels’ busy schedule is to blame for his departure from the Richard Pryor biopic.  The Weinstein Co. is behind the film and they can no longer wait for Daniels’ schedule to clear up.
Mike Epps will play Pryor in the film.  Deadline reports that Oprah will play Pryor’s grandmother.  Empire is not the only show that has been keeping Daniels busy.  The award-winning filmmaker is also working on the Fox show Star, which features Queen Latifah.  Fox has given a series order to Star, giving Daniels two shows on the network’s schedule next season.  Weinstein Co. is now searching for a filmmaker to replace Daniels.

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