Morocco Omari, Empire’s Tariq The Freak

Morcco Omari, Tariq, Empire Fox
Morcco Omari, Tariq, Empire Fox

Morocco Omari was born on May 7, 1975 in Chicago, where Empire is filmed.  He started his career back in 1998.  Some of his most notable roles include Malcolm & Eddie, Early Edition and 24.  Omari plays Tariq on the show.  Tariq is from Philly, where Cookie and Lucious are from.

Morocco Omari Empire's Tariq The Freak
Morocco Omari Empire’s Tariq The Freak

After hearing Candace (Vivica A. Fox) and Carol (Tasha Smith) talk about past murders committed by Lucious, Tariq decides to do some digging.  TV Line reports that the talented actor portrays a FBI hotshot on the show.
According to Yahoo, Lucious’ stint in prison may not have been his last.  He is a “good one” as Cookie calls it.  As such, he makes a good point on the show’s 17th episode.  Tariq lives by a street code that won’t let Lucious get away with killing Cookie’s cousin, Bunkie.
We don’t know if it’s the sexual tension or fear, but Cookie leaves as soon as she hears her cousin’s name.  Carol spills Cookie’s tea in the episode, explaining that Cookie would steal her boyfriends back in the day.
Carol also reveals that she was the one who met Lucious first.  Did Cookie the table with Tariq because she understands the street code that he describes and knows what Lucious deserves for killing Bunkie?