Is Stephen Mulhern Gay?

Stephen Daniel Mulhern is a former magician who presented the show Britain’s Got More Talent.  He is not married and Emma Barton was the last person he dated.

Is Stephen Mulhern Gay?
Is Stephen Mulhern Gay?
Daily Mail reports that him and the ex-EastEnders actress had a long relationship that ended naturally.  Mulhern is private about the relationship and won’t share what happened.  Considering his past relationship with Barton, we don’t think he’s gay.

The following video shows Mulhern speak with Jules and Matisse on Britain’s Got More Talent:
Mirror reports that Amanda Holden threw water on Mulhern after he compared her to plastic surgery super-fan Jocelyn Wildenstein.
In an interview with ITV, Stephen reveals that he was once scared of Simon.  Simon has an aura around him and he commands attention.  Over the years, Mulhern has become more comfortable with Simon and he now feels like he can rely on him for support.
The following video shows him channeling 1D in the first look at the show’s 2016 season:
Mulhern was born on April 4, 1977 and is the third of his parents four children.  Mulhern’s parents are Irish and they both worked as market traders.  His interest in magic came from his father who would teach him tricks when he was younger.

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