How To Change The Language On Instagram Urdu 2016

How To Change The Language On Instagram 2016

The tricky part about changing the language on Instagram is that you can’t.  Instead you have to change the language on your phone.  The photo-sharing app has made numerous changes and we’re here to help you adjust to them.
The company is now showing notifications in Urdu.  The app has traditionally only shown the language your device is set to but the company recently changed that in an attempt to make the app more user friendly.
How To Change The Language On Instagram 2016
How To Change The Language On Instagram 2016
Use the following instructions to change the language on your iPhone, iPad or iPod:
  • From the Home screen select the Settings icon:
How To Change The Language On Instagram 2016
How To Change The Language On Instagram 2016
  • Next, select General
  • Tap Language & Region
  • Select the first item on the screen which reads [Device] Language
  • Select your language and then choose done
  • Select Settings
  • Next, select Language and Input
  • Select Language
  • Select the language of your choice
  • Go to Settings by swiping down and tapping the gear icon
  • Scroll down and select Language
  • Press the plus sign
  • Select the language you wish and then tap the check button
  • Select the button located above the languages in order to restart your device
Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and is currently spoken by nearly 100 million people around the world.  Over the past few years the number of young people who wish to learn the language has dramatically increased.  
While there are some that believe the language should be taught to anyone who wants to learn it, others think that the language, and its script, should be protected.  The script is traditionally written in Nastaleeq.  When the script is used in the digital world it’s rendered in naskh.
Nastaleeq is one of the most fluid Arabic calligraphy styles whereas Naskh is angular.  Naskh was on pace to phase out Nastaleeq because it’s easier to reproduce digitally.  Numerous people complained so Apple decided to do something about it.
The company added the Nastaleeq font to their devices in 2015.  The script was released in the company’s iOS9 beta thanks to Mudassir Azeemi’s campaign to have the font included alongside Naskh.
Twitter added Urdu back in 2012.  13,000 volunteers worked hard to translate and localize the app.  Their efforts made the tool accessible for their communities ensuring there was no digital divide.

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