How Many Seasons Of Empire Are There?

There have been 2 seasons of the Empire TV show.  The show’s midseason break led many people to believe that there have been more seasons, but there have only been 2.  This article will provide a brief description of both.

How Many Season Of Empire Are There?
How Many Season Of Empire Are There?
Season 1
Empire premiered on January 7, 2015.  Lucious is looking to take the company public but his health condition is worsening.  The music mogul has ALS and wants to appoint one of his sons as his successor.
Cookie is release from prison in the show’s first episode.  Lucious and Anika are planning to get married but Cookie ruins their plans.
Hakeem, Jamal and Andre prove that they are willing to do whatever it takes to be chosen as their father’s successor.  Lucious kills Cookie’s cousin Bunkie in the show’s “Pilot” episode. 
Hakeem and Tiana are a couple for a brief moment.  They break up after he finds out that she has a girlfriend.  Andre leaks this information in an attempt to humiliate his brother.
Jamal and Lucious go head-to-head regarding Jamal’s sexuality throughout the show’s entire first season.  Jamal comes out while performing at the all-white party and Lucious is pissed!
Andre finds God and decides that he no longer wants to be a part of the company.  After hearing Lucious confess about murdering Bunkie, Cookie almost suffocates Lucious with a pillow.
In the Season 1 finale, Lucious finally chooses one of his sons as his successor: Jamal.  Hakeem, Andre, Anika and Cookie team up, seeking revenge on Lucious.  The four plan a hostile takeover.
OMG Moment
The most unforgettable OMG Moment of the show’s first season was finding out that Lola was actually Lucious’ daughter, and not Jamal’s.  This marked the first time that I thought Cookie was all-the-way done with Lucious.
Season 2
We’ll start off this section with the best song of Season 2: Chasing The Sky.  The best song of Season 1 was You’re So Beautiful in my opinion.
The show’s second season begins with Cookie hosting a Free Lucious concert.  She is attempting to impress investors so that she can finalize her hostile takeover plans.  Mimi Whiteman is the investor she is attempting to impress.
Mimi ends up teaming up with Lucious, so Cookie, Hakeem and Andre leave Empire Entertainment to start their own label: Lyon Dynasty.  Andre eventually decides that he wants to return to Empire.
Cookie visits Lucious because Frank Gathers is after her.  Lucious has Gathers murdered in jail.  He eventually signs Gathers’ daughter, Freda Gatz.  
While Jamal is visiting Lucious in jail, a lawyer sparks up a conversation.  His name is Thirsty and Lucious hires him.  Thirsty gets Lucious out of jail.
Rhonda is pregnant so Lucious buys her and Andre a house.  Rhonda is home alone one night when she hears the alarm.  She attempts to turn it off and someone pushes her down the stairs.
Camilla returns and she reveals that Mimi is actually her wife.  Camilla set up Lucious in order to takeover the company.  She did it so her and Hakeem could be together.  Camilla eventually murders Mimi, and then Lucious forces Camilla to kill herself.
Jamal’s career is flourishing and he is signed to Pepsi.  Him and Michael break up and by the end of the season he is in a relationship with D-Major, an undercover brother.  Jamal is shot by Freda at the end of the season but he survives.
Hakeem and Laura fall in love.  He proposes to her and she says “Yes.” Their wedding is a disaster.  After a fight breaks out, Laura decides she no longer wants to marry Hakeem.
In the show’s Season 2 finale, Rhonda finally realizes that Anika pushed her down the stairs of her house, leading to the death of her and Andre’s unborn child.  Seeking revenge, Rhonda punches Anika in the face.  At the end of the episode, the two are fighting and one of them falls over the ledge of a building.
OMG Moment
The most unbelievable moment of the show’s second season was when Andre, Lucious, Rhonda and Thirsty dig-up Vernon’s body.  The event surprisingly bring Andre and Lucious closer since it helped Lucious avoid the feds.