‘Empire’ Season 2 Finale: Al The Twists & Turns!

Sadly, the Empire Season 2 finale closed out the season, but not without a BANG! So many things have happened in the span of one hour-long episode, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

  • Jamal is alive! The episode opens with Jamal returning from the hospital three weeks after he got shot at the American Sound Awards. And he wants to give up music.
  • Rhonda literally walks into a room, tries choking Anika, and punches her! Rhonda (finally) accuses Anika of pushing her down the stairs. And somehow, Andre doesn’t believe it, even though he once thought someone pushed her…
  • Lucious gets Freda to rap from jail.
  • Anika on the ledge! WTF? Because she won’t snitch on Lucious? Okay then. Cookie talks her down from the literal ledge.
  • Anika gets served at the wedding! It’s complete chaos. It makes Laura cry and she walks out on the wedding.
  • In order to prevent Anika from testifying, Thirsty proposes that Lucious and Aika GET MARRIED. Reminder here: She’s carrying the child of Hakeem, Lucious’ son. She is pregnant with Lucious’ GRANDCHILD. Cookie is not happy with the “proposal.”
  • And it happens. Lucious and Anika get married. Wow.
  • Lucious tells Anika: “I know you pushed her.”
  • Leah Walker reveals that Tariq Cousins is actually his half brother! What now?
  • And then Rhonda returns to attack Anika and it’s a full-on cat fight. Anika kind of admits she pushed Rhonda. Someone falls, there’s a scream, and Andre screams, “No!” But who fell? That’s for Season 3 to show us.