Does Jamal Die In Empire?

Does Jamal Die In Empire?

If you watched tonight’s episode of Empire you’re well aware that Jamal Lyon’s life is on the line.  Who would have guessed that he would be the Lyon to go down.  
Does Jamal Die In Empire?
Does Jamal Die In Empire?
Do you think he dies? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.
Fox Detroit reports that DMK performed on the tonight’s episode.
The show’s second season started off slow but everything that made us fall in love with Fox’s hip-hop series is back! From the lying and cheating to the stealing that the Lyon family does best.
There are so many questions that we have to discuss! Will Anika Calhoun commit suicide?  The teaser for the next episode showed her on a balcony and it looks like she was about to jump off!?
We hope someone grabs her before she does! We can’t have another baby die on the show.
Another moment that was amazing from the next show’s teaser features Rhonda! She punches Anika because she knows that Anika pushed her.  Anika is left bloody and we can’t wait to see the excuse she provides.  Do you think Anika decides to kill herself because Rhonda finds out that she pushed her?
Will Lucious’ mother let the world know that he’s a liar!?

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