Decoding the Trailer: ‘Empire’ Season 2 Finale

How time flies! The Empire Season 2 finale is upon us and exciting this are happening. Will Jamal survive? Will Hakeem and Laura really get married? Did Anika seriously push Rhonda down the stairs so she could be carrying the one sole Lyon heir? And will Lucious and Cookie hook up again? Here’s hoping all will be revealed in Wednesday night’s finale.

  • Freda is in jail. And when Lucious asks why she tried to shoot him, she says “You know why.” Ouch.
  • There is an Anika and Rhonda cat fight. Rhonda punches Anika. I believe the only possible response to this is YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS.
  • Cookie and Lucious make eyes at each other again. Duh.
  • Lucious looks like he’s at Hakeem’s wedding. Or a fancy party.
  • Anika sits on a ledge, threatening to jump. Jesus Christ.
  • Hakeem looks handsome in a suit, walking down that aisle. Laura is wearing her wedding dress. 
  • Lucious tells Cookie, “We’re ride or die. I need you on this one.” What could he be talking about?
And out of all of this, what will we be talking about all summer? We shall find out tonight!