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Dawn Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Dawn Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

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At Joseline’s party, Stevie J suggests that they watch her new video.  Joseline plays the video and everyone loves it.  After she shows the video her old rival Dawn walks out.

Dawn Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Dawn Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Everyone is surprised to see Ms. Heflin.  Tommie gets very angry when she sees her.  Lil’ Scrappy attempts to calm Tommie down but he fails.  Tommie is drunk and interrupts a conversation between Mimi, Dawn and Joseline.

She gets in Dawn’s face and asks her, “Do you know me?” Dawn does not recognize Tommie and responds “I have no idea who you are.”  Tommie says that Karen King had a prior beef with Ms. Heflin because Heflin was spreading rumors about King.

Eventually, security escorts Tommie away.  Lil’ Scrappy gets her a cab and sends her home.  Srapp doesn’t blame Tommie for acting out.  The rapper explains that her behavior was acceptable considering the circumstances.

According to VH1, Tommie was two seconds away from giving Heflin the business! Wet Paint explains that Joseline called out Ms. Heflin as a scam artist, which makes her return all the more confusing.  
In the following video she discusses Joseline’s cheating and drug use:

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