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10 Instagram Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Taraji P. Henson Infographic

When it comes to social media marketing Taraji P. Henson is the grand champ.  The actress has developed a team of #CookieMosters who like her posts and help share her images.  She’s a social butterfly that understands how to keep her fans engaged.

From hilarious behind-the-scenes videos to her inspirational quotes, there’s never a dull moment on Henson’s feed.  Fox has benefitted from Taraji’s tactics, which helped the show shatter historical records in its first season.
#CookieMonsters love Henson’s consistency.  The actress doesn’t let a day go by without posting a flawless selfie or motivational quote.  While her role as Cookie Lyon has taken her career to the top, she’s been building the foundation for years.
The actress recently used the photo-sharing app to announce the release of her memoir, Around The Way Girl which will be available on October 11, 2016.  The book is guaranteed to sell because the actress has taken advantage of social media’s opportunities.  
The actress shares screenshots of songs she is listening to and shows support for important social movements.  While there are still people who question how useful Instagram can be, Taraji continues to build her brand one like at a time.  Check out the following infographic which shows tactics that we can learn from Henson’s social media dominance.

Taraji Henson Instagram Infographic
Taraji Henson Instagram Infographic

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Taraji P Henson Instagram Marketing Lessons Infographic

By Jason John

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