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Who Is Leaving Empire?

Jamal Lyon Dead?
Jamal Lyon Dead?

I Jamal Lyon leaving Empire.  According to the show’s previews it looks like Jamal has been mixing too much medicine and liquor.  The preview below shows D-Major trying to wake Jamal up, but Jamal is unresponsive.

This isn’t the first time the series has played with our emotions.  There’s no way Jamal will die on the show considering the fact that he’s a breakout star.  He’s the best singer on the series therefore he’s not going anywhere!

Don’t worry Empire fans this post does not contain any spoilers, just analysis.  One thing we’ve learned from Empire is that death can come at anytime.  Frank Gathers (Chris Rock) was introduced and before we knew it Lucious had him killed.

Fox’s co-CEO, Dana Walden, explains that when Empire’s writers aren’t shy about killing characters off: “When they gotta go, they gotta go.” Two of Cookie’s cousins have already died, Bunkie and Jermel, and who can forget Mimi and Camilla.
We think Frank Gathers’ daughter, Freda Gatz, will be murdered soon.  Similar to her father, Cookie doesn’t trust her and when Cookie doesn’t approve you’re in trouble.
Who Is Leaving Empire?
Who Is Leaving Empire?
Then there’s Anika who has been playing with fire lately.  She has managed to upset every member of the Lyon family and her new bond with Rhonda is bothering considering the fact that we all believe she pushed her down the stairs.  There’s no remorse when it comes to Empire so if you think being pregnant will save Anika you’re sadly mistaken.
In the show’s next episode Cookie is seen helping Anika on her way to the hospital.  Despite everything the two have been through they come together to protect the baby.  You should know not to jump to the conclusion that Anika is safe.  We fell in love with Andre and Rhonda’s unborn baby and ended up heartbroken.
So who do you think will die next?

By Jason John

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