Who Got Married On Empire?

There are two popular questions involving marriage and Empire.  The first: Who got married from Empire? and the second: Who got married on Empire? This article will cover both.

The wedding bells are ringing for Empire stars Grace Gealey and Trai Byers.  The couple is not the only reason the bells are getting louder.  If you missed last week’s episode of Empire you didn’t see Hakeem propose to Laura.  
Who Got Married On Empire?
Who Got Married On Empire?

Trai Byers has great taste.  The engagement ring he bought Grace is a square cut, halo-set diamond that is beautiful.  Trai and Grace wed on Thursday, April 14 on Grand Cayman Island.

Trai Byers plays Andre on Empire.  On the show, Andre is married to Rhonda Lyon.  The two recently lost their child, after someone pushed Rhonda down the staircase of her home.

Gealey plays Anika on Empire, Lucious’ former love interest.  In Empire’s “Time Shall Unfold” episode Anika informs Hakeem and his family that she is pregnant with Hakeem’s baby.  Lucious offers Anika $10 million to have the baby and get lost.
Hakeem hasn’t informed Laura that Anika is pregnant and we are anxious to see how she will react.  Unlike Hakeem, Laura comes from a loving family that may advise her that Hakeem is not husband material.

By Jason John

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