What Was The First Item Ever Sold On Amazon.com?

What Was The First Item Even Sold On Amazon.com
What Was The First Item Even Sold On Amazon.com

Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought” was the first book ever sold on Amazon.com.  The book was ordered by John Wainwright on April 3, 1995 over a T-1 connection.  The image above show the book along with its original packing slip.  
The book was written by Douglas Hofstadter, a professor of cognitive science known for his insightful quotes: 
“Since most women are kind of different from the top-model image, there is a constant losing battle of self-image.  It’s damaging when every woman that’s portrayed in the media or who are on the covers of magazines are part of a stereotypical form of beauty, whereas the average woman is not.”
There are so many dimensions of a woman that should be glorified yet Marilyn Monroe began a trend of seduction that eventually led to surgical enhancements as females attempted to satisfy what they thought men appreciated.
Cookie Empire Fox
Cookie Empire Fox

We’ve come a very long way as actresses like Taraji P. Henson are changing Hollywood by challenging preconceived notions.  While there is still sexuality, it is not the only feature offered by female character like Cookie Lyon and Olivia Pope, who impress viewers with their intelligence more often than they impress us with their assets.

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