What Is The Blue Dot On Instagram?

So what does the blue dot mean on Instagram? The blue dot next to your Instagram on your home screen means that the app has been updated.  Once you run Instagram the dot will disappear.

what is the blue dot on instagram
What Is The Blue Dot On Instagram?

We recently explained why you were seeing “Following” under your friend’s names apps on Instagram.  In another recent article we explained the app’s new “Unseen Post” notification.

Another icon Instagram users ask about is the blue tick also known as the verified badge.  So how do you get verified on Instagram? You can’t request a verification badge.  Numerous celebrities have even complained about Instagram refusing to verify their accounts.
Instead the company recommends that you utilize other verification methods.  Instagram suggests linking your other social media profiles to your account in order to prove your identity.
Instagram Post Notifications
After Instagram announced the app’s notifications update numerous users panicked and begged their followers to turn on their notifications in fear of losing likes.  Companies are scared that the algorithm update will make them disappear from their follower’s feeds.
Instagram Hashtag Limit
One thing that hasn’t changed is the hashtag limit.  Users can still include 30 hashtags max in a single comment or note.  
What Does LB Mean On Instagram?
“LB” means “Like Back” or “Love Back” on Instagram.  A user is attempting to inform you that if you like their photo they’ll return the favor by liking one of your images.

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