What Does Unseen Post Mean On Instagram

On Instagram, next to your friend’s names, you have probably noticed “unseen post”.  This article will explain exactly what it means and present information on additional Instagram changes.

In short, unseen post is an annoying new Instagram feature that keeps showing up under my friends’ names!  One of the most confusing aspects of the notification is that it doesn’t show up under all my friend’s names.  This is due to the fact that the notification will only show up under your friend’s accounts with notifications enabled.  In order to stop seeing the annoying new message, disable notifications.
What Does Unseen Post Mean On Instagram
What Does Unseen Post Mean On Instagram

Thanks to the way Instagram’s system is set up, the notification is annoying rather than helpful.  That system is going through numerous changes that you should be aware of.

Check out this article by Jesse Weaver.  In the post, Weaver explains how disappointing Instagram’s new changes are.  The company has went from a chronological photo feed to an algorithmically driven feed.  That might sound like you can care less but this article will make you think again.

Instagram, like every other company these days, is attempting to present the next best thing to look at.  As opposed to giving users the freedom to dictate what they’ll see next, the company has decided that they know what’s best.

Instagram’s algorithm is here and users are responding.  Today, I experienced one of the changes the company made to the tool and I thought I’d share what I discovered.  I was on Instagram today and under one of my friend’s post it said “unseen post” so I wanted to know what it meant.
“Unseen post” means that you have enabled notifications for a particular Instagram account and a new post has been created by that account.  You have received a new message that you have not looked at.  As obvious as the explanation may seem, for those of us who have been using Instagram for years, the notification is a new feature that left us confused!
What Does Unseen Post Mean On Instagram
What Does Unseen Post Mean On Instagram
Unseen posts are the result of Instagram tracking when a user has logged into their account from a particular device.  Even when you log out of a specific account, Instagram remembers that you’ve logged into the account and you’ll continue to receive updates, the unseen posts notification.
Instagram is not the first social media platform to use an algorithm.  Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, was the first social media platform to start using an algorithm and then Twitter followed their lead.
Instagram now uses an algorithm to determine what users will see in their timelines.  This means Instagram users are more likely to see popular posts from their friends as opposed to posts in chronological order.

With the recent focus on user experience one would think that social media companies like Instagram would put the power in our hands yet the name of the game is making money and the only way to do so seems to be reducing our power.

“Unseen post” may seem like a pointless notification yet it is so much more.  It is a sign of Instagram’s strategy to take all our time and to use it in the manner they please.  When they want you to see something they have the power to force it into your feed yet when they don’t want you to see specific content, the particular image magically won’t appear.

Check out how Twitter users are responding to the change:

Here are some Instagram responses to the notification:

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