What Does The Eye On Instagram Mean, Direct Message?

After sending a direct message on Instagram you may have noticed a small eye icon next to the person’s name.  The symbol means that the person has seen your message.

What Does The Eye On Instagram Mean?
What Does The Eye On Instagram Mean?
The company is still adjusting this notification.  On my phone, the symbol appears but there’s no name under the message.  Shorty after, the icon disappears.  After I refresh, the symbol returns.
On my friend’s phone, sometimes there’s an eyelid whereas other times there’s the person’s name alongside the symbol.  
The new eye icon moves under your message and then to the side of the person’s name.  The notification is very similar to Snapchat’s notification that informs users when a person is typing.  
We recently wrote articles explaining the meaning of the blue dot on the app and the ‘Following‘ notification under names.
Facebook recently announced the Windows 10 Apps including Instagram for Windows 10.  The new app features Direct, Explore and video.  The following video shows the demo of the app on Windows 10:
IG for Windows 10 mobile also supports Live Tiles.  This means you’ll get updates on your home screen.  
The Verge reports that the company is currently testing a black and white version of the app.  The new design would have thinner navigation symbols and there would not be any blue and grey, the company’s trademark colors.

By Jason John

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