Is Paxton Lynch Gay?

After the Denver Broncos selected Memphis quarterback, Paxton Lynch, the talented player was shown celebrating with his family.  The image below shows Lynch crying with a male behind him consoling him.

Is Paxton lynch gay
Is Paxton Lynch Gay?

The clip led many NFL fans to question the quarterback’s sexuality.  The following image shows that some Denver Broncos’ fans were concerned after seeing the man behind Lynch hug him in a romantic way.  The Memphis quarterback is not gay.  The man hugging Lynch is his brother, Evin Lynch.

Paxton Lynch
Paxton Lynch
The Denver Broncos report that the 6 foot 7 quarterback was dynamic during his three years at Memphis.  In his junior year he threw for 59 touchdowns and over 8,000 yards.
The Denver Broncos traded up with the Seattle Seahawks in order to move up to the 26th pick in the draft.  The Broncos had to give up their 31st pick along with their 94th, 3rd round pick.
In 2015, he was a first team All-AAC selection, leading Memphis to bowl games in his junior and senior seasons.  The Broncos’ choice ends any additional speculation of the team being interested in San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.
Lynch’s talent doesn’t stop at his passing abilities, he also has some wheels.  The talented quarterback compiled 687 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns on the ground.

By Jason John

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