‘Empire’ Season 2, Episode 12 Quick Recap: “A Rose By Any Other Name”

Okay, so by now you’ve probably either already seen this week’s Empire episode or you feel like you’re so behind and need a quick refresher. You’re in luck — that quick 5-minute Empire recap is right here so you’re not left out of any conversations or OMG!s by the watercooler.

  • The LGBT community turns on Jamal, calling him a “Flip-flopper” for his fling with Skye Summers. A flash-LGBT-mob even angrily serenades Jamal with a song called “Flip Flop,” a version of Hakeem’s “Drip Drop.” How did they know? Jameson said it’s Lucious, who is trying to smear Jamal in order to win that coveted ASA award. So Jamal fights back through song.
  • Hakeem tries to make his mark as CEO, even as Camilla pulls the strings and wants him to dump Laura. He doesn’t want to. But it’s all moot because Camilla gets BUSTED when Hakeem films them having sex and sends it to Mimi, who Camilla later poisons. When Lucious confronts Camilla at gun point, she commits suicide by drinking the same poison Mimi drank. Does this make them Romeo and Juliet? You make the call.
  • By the end, Empire is back with the full Lyon family and ding-dong, Camilla is dead.
  • Andre is acting out a bit since he and Rhonda lost the baby. He accuses Rhonda of cheating on him and he tells Rhonda that he doesn’t think her fall was an accident, because he had a vision. Rhonda does not want to hear that. She just wants to move on. They try counseling, but it doesn’t work.