‘Empire’ Quick Recap Season 2, Episode 15: “More Than Kin”

A lot has been happening in the Lyon family lair, so let’s get down to this quick Empire recap for “More Than Kin.”

  • The hunt is on for a new CEO and the board wants an outsider. The family needs to present a united front – which is always a challenge for the Lyons. Andre wants to go public with his Bipolar Disorder in order to show that united front. But right before he’s about to make his big speech, the reporter gives him photos of the real Leah Walker. He leaves, while Jamal and Hakeem are also absent. So much for that united front…
  • Hakeem goes off the deep end. He hangs out at an icky strip club and tells Laura about Anika’s pregnancy in the worst way possible. He seems to be dedicating himself to preparing for Anika and his baby (by creating “Baby Wonderland”). But then Anika gets rushed to the hospital, bleeding. Anika’s mom even shows up and hates on Lucious for causing Anika’s father to commit fraud. Hakeem stands up for his baby mama. Laura and Hakeem then get re-engaged.
  • Lucious keeps hitting on the journalist and finally they get it on, but Cookie calls with a family emergency. The journalist doesn’t take it well and disses Cookie, which pisses off Lucious. Lucious and Cookie flirt and plot to scoop the reporter. The board makes them co-CEOs, which sounds like both a dream and nightmare for the Lyon clan.
  • Michael is baaaaack! He works for the caterer and there’s a awkward encounter with Jamal. They get drinks…at the bar where they met. Jamal performs there several times, just because. (Actually, it’s a move to get more attention for ASA contention.)
  • The race ASAs heat up with Lucious vs. Jamal.
  • Thirsty Rawlings ALERT: Cookie calls everyone’s favorite lawyer “a goon in a fancy suit.” He’s been “not spying” on the board members. In probably the most Thirsty way possible.