Dej Loaf On Empire

Is that Dej Loaf on Empire? If you haven’t been keeping up with Empire’s second season you probably saw the show’s most recent episode and asked yourself whether rapper Dej Loaf plays Freda Gatz.

Dej Loaf On Empire
Dej Loaf On Empire
No, Dej Loaf is not on Empire.  The actress that plays Freda Gatz is Bre-Z, a rapper from Philadelphia.  Freda Gatz and Jamal teamed up on a song but then Cookie attempts to ruin it.  Cookie gets Stacee Run Run (Cat Washington) to appear on a song on Jamal’s album and due to a clause in Stacee’s contract Jamal is not able to have Freda Gatz on his album.  Jamal has to tell Freda the horrible news and she is very disappointed.
Earlier in the episode we see Freda beat up a guy at the barber shop she works at.  Freda beats him up for trying to sit in her father chair.  Freda’s father is Frank Gathers (Chris Rock).  Despite the fact that Frank Gathers is dead, Freda and her fellow barbers do not allow anyone to sit in his chair.  
Despite Freda’s horrible temper the rapper handles Jamal’s news maturely.  Jamal attempts to apologize yet Freda assures him that she fully understands and is not upset.  Stacee sends her verse to Jamal as opposed to actually coming to the studio to record with him.  This upsets Jamal and he visits Freda to let her know her wants her back on the song.

By Jason John

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