Decoding The ‘Empire’ Trailer Season 2, Episode 15: “More Than Kin”

Oh boy, oh boy. Things are getting good on Empire Season 2. Anika’s carrying the Lyon heir, Lucious is a straight up liar about his mom — or did he think his mom killed herself in an alternate reality? He could have more in common with Andre than he thinks. So, let’s see what’s in store for this week.

Empire Fox
Empire Fox
  • Oh boy, Lucious is back to his dirty tricks. This time, he’s sabotaging Jamal’s ASA chances.
  • Hakeem tells Laura that he got Anika pregnant. Uh oh. Laura does not look happy – she slaps him!
  • Rhonda looks all cheered up now that Hakeem and Jamal are no longer CEO material, leaving Andre as the sole Lyon son left to take over.
  • Lucious looks like he’s got the hots for that reporter. And Cookie’s not having it.
  • The Lyon sons suspect Cookie wants back with Lucious. Hakeem: “Hell no, I’m not getting King Kong and Godzilla back together.”
  • Then an ambulance arrives for Anika! She gets carried away on a stretcher. Could she have been pushed off a staircase, too? Is someone out to get rid of all the Lyon heirs?
  • Fox teases that a “LYON WILL FALL.” But I think that’s open to interpretation. Will Cookie fall for Lucious? Did Anika fall down stairs? Will someone die?
  • Then there’s a shot of a glamorous room, a gunshot blares and the room clears. Interesting. Could it be the ASA awards? Will something go down there and that’s where the Lyon will fall?
We’ll have to see on Wednesday night.