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Betty Idol Songs

We recently published an article on Betty Idol transgender rumors.  Rick Ross and Betty Idol’s song, “Thug Cry” was discussed in another recent article.

Betty Idol Songs
Betty Idol Songs
For those of you who haven’t heard “Thug Cry” Idol is the amazing voice that delivers the “I just wanna be the one you love” portion of the song.  The song features Lil’ Wayne.
So what other songs is Betty Idol responsible for?
Betty Idol collaborated with 2 Chainz on the song “Blue Dolphin”.  The track appeared on his “Trapavelli Tre” mixtape.
2 Chainz and Idol also teamed up on the song “So We Can Live”.  The song was on the rapper’s B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME album.  The track features T-Pain.
“Thug Cry” is not the only track Idol has done with Lil’ Wayne.  She also provides the vocals on “I Do It” which also appears on the B.O.A.T.S. album.  The track features Lil’ Wayne and Drake.
Spoilers Ahead
On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s first episode of season 5 a fight breaks out between Tommie and Tiarra.  After the fight, Mimi makes it clear that she no longer wants to interact with either newbie.
The show’s next episode, “Blackmail”, Jessica plans an outing with herself, Mimi and Tiarra.  Check out the following video: Tiarra and Tommie go head to head over Scrapp DeLeon:

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