2K17 Kobe Bryant NBA Legend Edition

2K Sports just announced that they’ll be releasing the NBA 2K17 Legend Edition featuring Kobe Bryant on the cover! The limited edition game will run you $80.  If you are a member of Amazon Prime you can pre-order the game now for $64.

2K17 Kobe
2K17 Kobe

 It there’s one thing we can all learn from Empire it’s the importance of respect.  Cookie Lyon teaches Hakeem using a broom and Lucious gives Hakeem the option to take his life after he realizes his youngest son has no respect for him.

Kobe Bryant deserves the utmost respect for the work that he has put in and 2K17 fully understands.  Michael Jordan proved that you don’t know what ya got until it’s gone and Kobe will do the same.  It’s easy to take him for granted, but the NBA will miss him dearly!

2K17 Kobe
2K17 Kobe
2K Sports didn’t take any shortcuts with this release.  The package includes a poster, a Black Mamba controller skin and two Panini trading cards.  Additionally, those who purchase the limited edition will get 30,000 in Virtual Currency and the MyTeam Bundle which will include three card packs and a guaranteed Kobe “free agent” card.  It doesn’t stop there.  You also get 2K Kobe XI kicks, Kobe’s throwback #8 Mitchell & Ness jersey and a Kobe hoodie!
Now that Kobe has some free time he needs to appear on Empire:

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